Far away from the botheration of city’s glitz, encircled by the thickets of wild exotic bushes, right in the middle of sky-kissing conifers and pines, there laid a beautiful unfortified mansion, designed at ultra-vintage scale, embellished with big crystal clear pool, and manicured garden. The entire countryside is dotted with big farm-houses, duplexes, here and […]


Dire silence, and the solitude within Ever-growing wilderness, abetted by my sorrow and sin It’s a bitter battle, together we must win or, give our NEMESIS an easy triumph But, this thirst to be crushed in your embraces and sweet cuddles cannot be lulled, even when there is no conflux (of our souls) Believe me, […]


CHAPTER 1 – LOST IN THE VOID “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Socrates In spite of being alive to the fact that with every passing day, the already brittle framework of life with which we have been living on this planet in 21st century is growing real fragile which may collapse anytime without […]


CHAPTER 1 –  COCONUT CAKE Kenai Alaska, November 2008 A majestically beautiful town, adorned by the nature itself with all its finery, located on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula near the outlet of the Kenai River to the Cook Inlet of the Pacific Ocean. There lived a pixie with her Granny. No sooner […]

In The Womb

Afar in the East, across the abysmal misty rifts The rustling, the chirrup, and the deep sighs of the breeze All-together, they wake her up with the first flash of the beams The White Witch gives a tender touch to the love-apple cheek of her dear daughter, as the first shaft of the biggest star […]