A flower is beautiful as long as it is not picked, the moment we lay hold of it – the beauty dies. Arrant blind to the truth, we have mistakenly assumed a lot about the magnificence of this prodigious celestial globe, and turned adamant to further befuddle the humanity with the same quizzical assumptions, which, […]


An eruption of arcane but winsome smile, sweet notions, and a blazing long to hold you close, and to lay entwined, when we share a gaze agape, drenched with tears, it’s really beautiful being robbed and beguiled. The flurries of wind sough soothing during mizzle and irenic serein, let this alluring highland give ceaseless frisson […]


Dire silence, and the solitude within Ever-growing wilderness, abetted by my sorrow and sin It’s a bitter battle, together we must win or, give our NEMESIS an easy triumph But, this thirst to be crushed in your embraces and sweet cuddles cannot be lulled, even when there is no conflux (of our souls) Believe me, […]