A flower is beautiful as long as it is not picked, the moment we lay hold of it – the beauty dies. Arrant blind to the truth, we have mistakenly assumed a lot about the magnificence of this prodigious celestial globe, and turned adamant to further befuddle the humanity with the same quizzical assumptions, which, […]


An eruption of arcane but winsome smile, sweet notions, and a blazing long to hold you close, and to lay entwined, when we share a gaze agape, drenched with tears, it’s really beautiful being robbed and beguiled. The flurries of wind sough soothing during mizzle and irenic serein, let this alluring highland give ceaseless frisson […]


THE ART OF TURNING DIVINE, CHAPTER – 2 “If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking” Buddha Nothing can give us a sense of satisfaction, if we look at it attentively. No mundane and materialistic pleasure on this planet can quench our ever-growing desires by any […]


CHAPTER 1 – LOST IN THE VOID “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Socrates In spite of being alive to the fact that with every passing day, the already brittle framework of life with which we have been living on this planet in 21st century is growing real fragile which may collapse anytime without […]

In The Womb

Afar in the East, across the abysmal misty rifts The rustling, the chirrup, and the deep sighs of the breeze All-together, they wake her up with the first flash of the beams The White Witch gives a tender touch to the love-apple cheek of her dear daughter, as the first shaft of the biggest star […]