While whiling away on internet, about six months ago, a video caught my attention. The thumbnail depicts a man wearing a bizarre but striking crystal mask on his face, and the title reads – “The Blind Auditions: Sheldon Riley sings ‘Frozen’ | The Voice Australia 2019

Well, I do not fancy for any talent hunt show, nevertheless I dipped into that video. And, surprisingly I found that it was everything. The voice of the contestant amazed me to the craziest level, filled me with the inexplicable emotions, even though I am an illiterate when it comes to comprehend even the minutiae of music. After listening to his uniquely dulcet voice; immediately the longing to know more about this young boy seized me.

Following, I stumbled upon another video of Sheldon. It was a clip of the live performance on the stage of The Voice Australia. It was Radiohead’s “Creep”. Sheldon covered this cult piece like a boss, flawlessly he did it. He turned that rock band outing into a goosebumps giving anthem, and that stupendous high note he vocalized in that performance can make anybody go crazy. It didn’t take me a second to realize that Sheldon is not just a singer; he is THE ARTIST, “the possessor of a unique distinctive voice”. Till then, I was a great admirer of Adele, but now Sheldon has also become someone who deserves to be lauded with lots of love.

Within the first hour from encountering with charismatic Sheldon on internet, I got a load of many of his unbelievable performances such as – Rise, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, 7 Rings, Show Must Go On, Young and Beautiful, and more. In his every performance his vocals effortlessly get to a different note. I am compelled to mention that the way he vocalize nobody can. The originality and sadness in his voice is potent enough to trigger a flux of emotions. Once somebody starts listening to him, that person cannot prevent himself from falling in love with SHELDON RILEY.

 Right from the day one, slowly I took to the charm of his voice, listening to his songs day in day out. Then I realized I have actually developed a kind of irrepressible inclination for his voice. And, I think this form of desire label me as a crazy fan of him.

In the first instance, while listening to his voice I would avoid Judges’ comments, and immediately tune in to next song without wasting time.

In passing, at one point, I had succumbed to the fascination to know more and more about him. And, I think it’s quite natural for an admirer to know more about someone he praises earnestly. Then, I started to find Sheldon performances with judges’ comment on YouTube. In the process, following the BATTLE in which Sheldon and Jordan fought to secure a place in the competition; unfortunately Riley lost the battle to Jordan but managed to win Delta’s wildcard. At that time Delta mentioned – “Sheldon, last year we discovered you. And I loved watching your journey you had with George. And now it’s time to make you the SUPERSTAR, and I’m choosing you Sheldon”

Delta’s words stupefied me. Before that moment, it didn’t occur to me that the performances I loved watching are actually from two different seasons of THE VOICE.

Then, Wikipedia assisted me to find out that Sheldon successively participated in The Voice Australia season 7 & 8 to win the title.

The first audition, Season 7, Sheldon won George’s heart and chose him as his coach. It was a perfect decision Sheldon made, and even George disappointed neither Sheldon nor his supporters. Sheldon weaved a memorable journey with George that season. Together, they made it almost to the vertex but lost it by the whiskers to diverse Sam Perry. In my sole observation, there was only one mistake team George made – they chose “Young and Beautiful” as a winning song for Sheldon. Though Sheldon nailed it, but it was a wrong choice in my view. I might be wrong in my observation but somewhere it pinches me that it was not a right song for Sheldon.

Well, the more I get to know about beautiful Sheldon, the more intriguing he becomes. When I attentively go through the full episodes of The Voice, I came to know – how passionate he is for FASHION. Undoubtedly, he is a standout fashionista, he can easily define the flamboyance to a different level with his tremendous fashion sense. Moreover, he is a kind loving persona.

Season 8, Blind Auditions, All Star, Sheldon stepped on the stage like a tempting Goddess mentioned in various mythologies, and everybody on the set got FROZEN while on their feet. Unforgettable comeback it was!

This time, Sheldon went with Delta. And, Delta really put him on real challenges and Sheldon simply smashed it every time.

One instance I am forced to put into words happened that season. Delta chose three contestants for the Knockout Round saying all of them have Identity Crisis. For that reason, Delta put them together. This statement of Delta made me realize – when you have gravely taken the responsibility to guide someone; it’s dire to know that person even on the personal ground in and out whom you are guiding to achieve something important. Delta was so true in her words because Sheldon was really suffering from identity crisis that time. And, how genuinely Delta was helping Sheldon to get the hold of who he was actually! She taught her how to ignore unnecessary views of the people about him. Delta did it well, and Sheldon also gained it well.

In the Knockout Round, Sheldon was the last one who appeared on the stage. Delta got goosebumps so do I and everybody else except Kelly and Guy. Contrary to everybody expectation, Sheldon had to taste a bit of criticism for the first time from Kelly and Guy with obviously no reason. Guy Sebastian even degraded the outfit he donned. Well, that outfit was of the world-class, and the fashion-piece he put on his head was from out of the world. Kelly and Guy completely lost it then Delta and George gave them a taste of their own medicine, and Delta confidently put Sheldon through.

During that Knockout Round, one more unexpected thing happened, the time when Kelly and Guy were showering criticism upon Riley, one of the contestants was laughing shamelessly. I don’t want to say anything about it because it broke my heart. The way that guy was laughing it really broke my heart. 

Every performance he delivered that season including audition, he didn’t deliver as a performer, every time he nailed it as if he were an international superstar. The cover of 7 Rings was one of the most popular Live performances ever given by an artist in the history of The Voice Australia. I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t make it to the Grand Finale. It was really heart-breaking for his fans because in The Finals he took the ceiling of the house off by his vigorous vocals. I heard of a little uproar on the internet over the devastating elimination of Sheldon from the show. The people were venting out their obvious anger.

It’s beyond belief, he couldn’t win the title of The Voice but undoubtedly he won plethora of hearts across the world with his uniqueness, originality, and loving nature.

Out of vehemence, initially I referred him as THE ARTIST. Well, now I am really proud of the statement I made, there is no regret.

He is THE ARTIST, someone who has come from the future.

After going through his entire journey he had with George and Delta for two seasons, I thought returning back to the stage of The Voice so soon was a rash decision Sheldon Made. But, when I saw him on the massive stage of America’s Got Talent, then I realized – There is no hunger in Sheldon to win the title of any talent hunt show, he has actually been spreading a message, a beautiful message.

I don’t want to elaborate – what message he has for the world. I wish people should get it themselves, on their own. People must find out themselves – why does he wear a mask?

I wish this young boy must rise and shine as an inspiration to the people who are finding it tough to embrace their true-self.

Well done Sheldon! God bless you!

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