Far away from the botheration of city’s glitz, encircled by the thickets of wild exotic bushes, right in the middle of sky-kissing conifers and pines, there laid a beautiful unfortified mansion, designed at ultra-vintage scale, embellished with big crystal clear pool, and manicured garden.

The entire countryside is dotted with big farm-houses, duplexes, here and there, but this one is really an eye-catching piece of marvel.

It was around 11:30 PM, everything had been engulfed by the dead of night, only the awful susurration of the dark might be heard. Then, the dead-silence scattered away as the loud bellow of a vehicle from distance was approaching near at dizzying speed.

A white posh Chevrolet screamed to a halt in front of that beautiful mansion.  

A man, barely 17 (believe me he is not even 17), disembarked in style from the car. A debonair, wearing immaculate blue suit, dashingly augmented with a bow-tie & a sheen pocket square, shining black shoes, and a red rose with a big stem in his hand, everything was just perfect. He was oozing hotness. His dark grey eyes were really savage, enough to slain anybody. The way he clad and carried himself, it looks like he is real agog to attain adulthood as soon as possible. He can’t wait to get the tag.

His curly bushy hair weren’t going well with his over-all appearance but might be ignored as he dressed so imposingly.

He struts towards the foyer like an insane modal with a killer gait. The rose in his hand was dangling downwards, sprinkling aromatic sweat. As he gets near the entrance, two beautiful hot lasses, wearing shimmering full skinny-fit opaque green gown with a deep cut on the back, approached him and passed an inviting smile. They came in style only to accompany the dapper. As they reach the main entrance, the ladies open the doors for him. He enters and the ladies are left behind. The girls close the doors for him.

He had no sooner entered the hall than an another tall beautiful lady appeared, took his suit off and went away, again passed a seductive smile. Ten steps ahead, another hot woman with a bottle slider in her hand approached and served him a shot of toxic booze. He gulped it down and threw the glass away.

Going straight, utterly confident, without blinking his eyes, across the hallway into a lofty room, he entered. There was standing the prime nymph in an alluring pose right under the colossal chandelier, wearing a camisole style long black dress, embossed with black pearls, for whom our man was actually there.

Their eyes matched with an intense blazing gaze, and lost their patience. He heads towards her, faster. She darts towards him. Our man threw the rose away and they collided into an embrace. Following, a passionate kiss was in the view. They began to snog each other soon after, totally lost.

In the heat of the moment, the woman gracelessly unbuttoned her shirt and pushed him on a nearby couch. Again, the act is on. Then she slides her hand into his pants in hurry. After a moment, she stopped, she suspected something awkward, she pulled her hand out – it was now smeared in something sticky.

The game is over.

Sheldon jolted out of the dream, panting heavily. He threw his blanket away and peeped into his boxers.

Ugh! it was a wet dream. He slumped again in the bed, guilty.

Our nerd “Sheldon” staring at the ceiling fan agape. Then, his mobile vibrates, it was a massage from his chum “Jace”.

I had a wet dream last night

Sheldon replies, “Me too”

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