Fatty specs, unkempt shaggy hair, and ginger skin is really a smart but clumsy blend.

At first blush, the main character herein appears like a nerd or he is really a nerd. Whoever he maybe, but he is a sweet guy, a guy who posses a colorful brain that is brimming over with fanciful thoughts which he proudly keeps to himself only and never ever let anybody know what he is up to, except one exception.

A boy with fat spectacles, standing right in the middle of adolescence, and I don’t know why he has forgotten to carry himself especially in between people. He can’t stop fidgeting whenever he finds himself in a company and seems puzzled about many things which are novel and ticklish to him that he can not understand why they are actually ticklish. It’s not his fault – when we are teens, most of us are just blown away every time with no valid reason.

As a writer I was not in hurry to bename this guy because he can simply be related to anybody around. The way he has been blustering his way through, most of us did many things the same way.

Doesn’t matter what’s the occasion, this guy always manages to make an escape from becoming a part of any type of bash. And if somebody cajoled him in somehow, he will surely make a blunder to steer clear of when it comes to a random photo-shoot at party. He always has plethora of excuses in hand to avoid being a part of a group of solo photo simply because he feels that he doesn’t has a photogenic face.

Giving a miss to the parties just in time, avoiding meeting people, shying away from making any contact with the outer world is actually a treaty cup of tea for such people. As I said, no fuss with the people out there; no room for that, but it doesn’t mean this nerd doesn’t have a world.

Except for a few people nobody knows – how whimsical a nerd might be from inside. They have their own world of fantasies, believe me, they just don’t want anyone to trespass their world, that’s the only problem otherwise they perceive the world with a beautiful bizarre approach.

This guy also has plenty of whims – “There was a time – he would crave to be the adopted son of Branden Fraser and Rachel Weisz when he saw the pair for the first time in Hollywood blockbuster “The Mummy”  and mistakenly took them for real life couple. He grew utterly jealous of their on-screen son, even wanted to poison him. But, now the time has changed, as Rachel Weisz is still a muse after so many years, now he wants to do a movie with her”, Ugh! Forget about it.

There is one more guy, a chum with whom he confides everything he has in his brain. Usually, people like him always has one guy, a confidante with whom they share every bullshit, and surprisingly have a lot more in common than that of twins. You shouldn’t be wondering to know that the other guy also has only one guy to babble out everything and that guy is our main character. Perfect match, friends forever.

From morning to eve, what they do, what they eat, how many times they wee-wee in a day, what was the color of the poop they dump in the morning, everything, they cannot help themselves sharing with each other.

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