Indeed, I failed to find a really apposite English word to use as a TITLE to define the intemperate obsession of Indian people upon English Language and how the entitled words (India, Politics, Secularism, and English) mess along in Indian air. When I tried to excel my brain to settle on a substitution for these four words, I fell exhausted immediately. Consequently, I ended up to use four different words to make my readers comprehend the analogy between and how obnoxiously influential and satirical the amalgamation is?

I believe (possibility of being wrong in my assumptions is not rare) that no one can beat Indian when it comes to make an ostentation upon English language. Surprisingly, they know every synonym for a simple English word. Even Britishers are taken aback at the ludicrous display around English Language only Indian people know how to create. We are well versed in complicating a simple things in a bombastic way.

India is a home of more or less 1.4 billion people, and much to the dismay of the rest of the world, we do not believe in uniformity or any moral code. But, it doesn’t mean that we don’t support civility and how to maintain it. we know very well how to manicure it, after all we belong to one of the oldest civilization on planet earth. Despite the fact that we are different to one another in million of ways within a same country, still we are Indian, and we are super proud of this fact that we cannot make our mind easily on a point at one but still we are Indian.

If you know something about something, I know something else about the same thing. Based on that, an Indian shall stretch a point to the point where the observer, listener or opponent may severely collapse. Indians are quick at throwing thoughts when it comes to cut off someone’s bit of mind. They won’t let people carry off anything easily.

It’s really challenging to put an Indian down in any conversation because every time they are carrying a bag of cutting responses to any remark they receive. Furthermore, they are unbelievably competent at turning a simple conversation into a debate thanks to English Language. They have this art of bending and twisting one general statement in so many ways and throw it on others in such way that nobody can handle it. It’s really an art and we really love it.

As I said, India is a dwelling place for 1.4 billion people, it means there are people and people, diverse people with sheer diversity within their heart and mind. There are a whole lot of people when they somehow get to know – how to use this foreign language suddenly everyone becomes uneducated in front of them. I know it is a derogatory remark but true at the same time. Well, this gesture of ours is rather satirical than ironic. No need to take it seriously.

Now, the question is how this language is connected to Indian politics – well, I don’t know how this language is injecting confidence in Indian people to the brim sometimes its riming over, but it’s really a dose of motivation for a whole lot of people in India. Just because of this, some people with some sort of agenda in their hand are at large to pass their judgement, of course ONLINE, on any damn issue, India is beset with. Unfortunately, largely, the prevailing issues have political connotation, this is why the whole mess looks political or it is political in some sense.

Everyone is writing something online just about anything or everything, not because they are concerned about the issue or they believe in justice or harmony or solution, they are doing it simply because they are fluent at this foreign language. Or, maybe they need some attention even though they are concerned in real.

And it has become a trend in India – Politics and Secularism must go together if you really wish to trend on twitter or other similar platforms, or aspiring to find a niche in political arena. Without mixing these two antithetical aspects together, it’s quite difficult to hog the limelight. Even stand-up comedian in India are unable to feed their family if they don’t blend politics and secularism together as a jocular treat.

People have unnecessarily shirking aloud and teaching India what it is being secular.

Perhaps, people have forgotten – India is a nation that bowed down to Gautama Buddha, Mahavira Jain. A nation that adopted the views of Christianity and Islam. A nation where people have freedom to chose their way if they really believe in something divine. A nation where there is not even a single Dargah (Shrine of notable person in Islam), Church, Temple which is not visited by a horde of people on daily basis irrespective of their religious belief.

Even though there are people who are adamant to teach us secularism, of course because they know how to carry out an autopsy of simplicity in ENGLISH Language.

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