A flower is beautiful as long as it is not picked, the moment we lay hold of it – the beauty dies.

Arrant blind to the truth, we have mistakenly assumed a lot about the magnificence of this prodigious celestial globe, and turned adamant to further befuddle the humanity with the same quizzical assumptions, which, of course, prevented us from unraveling the source behind the perfection with which the entire galaxy runs. 

The very source of existence is being overlooked simply because we are largely driven by our sensory devices not cerebral capabilities we hold within ourselves, or we are given to what is written in a few books full of dogmatic beliefs and incredulous awes, or probably we are taken over by the fascinating description of HEAVEN and stuff which turned us indifferent towards the real things.

This burning curiosity to touch something genuine rose within my heart long ago when someday my grandmother randomly mentioned a few things about this vast manifestation in a beautiful way. Her remarks were crude but convincing at the same time.

It was a peaceful evening, tinged with majestic rufous shade of raw red, bursting from the setting sun which was shying away below the horizon. Everything far and near had submerged into absolute tranquil. Every waft of sweet zephyr and its dulcet susurration was giving a deep sense of invigoration, turning everything to life.

This alluring vista of nature often takes place in a village, situated in Northern India, 20 to 25 km away from the lowermost range of the Himalayas, from where the stout lofty peaks of the mountains in the distant are quite visible.

My grandmother was breaking sweat while turning over the soil in the garden, preparing new beds for flowers, and I was helping her by removing the dry leaves from the flowers’ bed. Then, I saw a beautiful flying creature waded into the garden – it was a big butterfly, having many-hued brilliant wings, dominated by glossy black. It’s beautiful appearance mesmerized me. it is quite easy for a winged creature to absolutely rivet the attention of a boy who is barely 12 years of age.

It was gamboling here and there with dizzying agility, even my eyes couldn’t give her a chase. After darting through the entire garden, she rested on a flower. I silently pursued her, the desire to touch that vivid creature had taken over me. I had quit blinking my eyes with a constant glare, I focused on her. I slowly reached out my hand, about to catch her, then – “you shouldn’t”, interrupted my grandmother.

With her interruption, I lost my attention, and the butterfly flew away. Again, she started skipping around everywhere.

“Even your gentle touch can harm that creature immensely”, added my granny.

“But it was beautiful”, I replied in awe.

“Beauty is always beguiling but it doesn’t mean you should go for it”, accentuated the old woman and tried to make me comprehend something which actually unfolded a whole new way of looking at life for me.

“If you know how to perceive and contain the amazement of beauty without being blown-away by it, the beauty in everything itself may easily take you to another level of perception. It’s a gateway to divine in short” added Grandma.

A flower is beautiful as long as it is not picked, the moment we lay hold of it – the beauty dies.

The encounter with beauty always creates a long to seize something which is oozing beauty. If we don’t know how to address it, the possibility of extricate the intricacy behind the delicacies of the wonder of beauty may get suppressed by our irresistible desire to seize. Every time it happens simply because we don’t know how to respond to something beautiful in a right way. And, why do you think – it is only butterfly which is beautiful, the reason which drew her in the garden is far more beautiful than her, isn’t it?

Upon that intriguing explanation by my granny which ignited an agony within me how to address this beautiful vast manifestation of nature compelled me to further delve into the subject she brought up. Then, my grandmother said.

Beauty resides in everything & everywhere, it needs care, if one really wishes to enjoy it.

For instance – If you take care of this small garden, a beautiful vista of beauty will appear in no time, and fore sure lure in another forms of beauty like butterflies. When it happens, many of your questions shall be answered by themselves. You won’t be in need of asking questions about a whole lot of thing. After all, we are the one who must take care.

In passing, my Grandmother stated something with a naive tone – “This creation created almost everything before it created human. When the whole planet is already full of every type of wonderful creations, why we human are needed. Why this nature created us?”

We have been created to take care of everything in existence.

“You are here to care, not to tear”, granny looked into my eyes and smiled.

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