An eruption of arcane but winsome smile, sweet notions, and a blazing long to hold you close, and to lay entwined, when we share a gaze agape, drenched with tears, it’s really beautiful being robbed and beguiled.

The flurries of wind sough soothing during mizzle and irenic serein, let this alluring highland give ceaseless frisson and whims, to dwell upon the taradiddles and tommyrot, and the way you my beloved enclose me in.

Glaring lost, off and on, at this epic empyrean, tinged with red and celestial sheen, making my plaintive heart throb insane but on the quiet without being noticed, it’s just aching for the solace, only your canoodles and cuddles may shower on me.

Brontide in distance, thunder & lightening, all-together begetting unquenchable unease, a thirst to plunge in your lap and the warmth when you nudge gently. I wonder – if it is just an infatuation or profound love in the deep?

Hold my hand, stay close, to sail this boat, doesn’t matter, if it is real or just a dream.

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