“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.” Buddha

“The sanity, normality, and peculiarity in our behavior while responding or reacting to the simplest events of life, and the way we look at the things, and how we perceive them, concretize our over-all persona. A few more external factors also have some share but largely it is our doing. Nobody should give a damn to the external factors unless we are settled inside. Once we know how to carry our-self and align our senses in a certain way in certain surroundings, there is a possibility – the prime-mover excitants in the air might be addressed to some extent.”

“Evidently, a few simple modification in our daily life roster supplement our wakefulness towards everything about life, especially it enhances our senses to a level where we instinctively began to observe the peculiarities in our behavior – whether we are responding or reacting. This change is tremendous itself, if somebody begins to roll that way.”

A frisson of joy ran through Leo’s veins when he saw the first seedling has come out of the ground in his backyard where Leo had been sweating his guts joyfully for many days to cultivate a piece of land into a thriving garden.

To get a closer look, Leo went down on his knees and bent, his right cheek kissed the ground gently, his pitch-black eyes were gleaming like a gemstone, and his messy hair dripping sweat all-over his forehead.

A fulfilling winsome smile, as broad as a barge crossed his face. It was the first time in his life, Leo tried to get round  the ineffable demonstration of nature through the birth of a seedling.

Leo stood up & looked everywhere, his eyes frantically ran across the garden. Hundreds to tiny pieces of life were struggling to burst out of the soil. Seeing this, a deep sense of being attached to everything around pierced Leo’s heart. 

He stretched his arms at 180 and closed his eyes. Every word uttered by that old man he met in the mountains a few weeks ago began to run riot in his mind.

“Compelling someone to detach himself from every fancies that person has been living upon, of course to reach the zenith of materialistic pleasure, is an abrupt nudge which doesn’t go down well with the people most of the time.  But, if we consciously gets engaged or add a few things to our daily life, something substantial may turn up in the end which allow us to ponder over our fancies whether they really worth our time  or not.

“Are you talking about Meditation, yoga or something”, interrupted Leo, a few postures of Yoga already began to take shape in his mind.

“I am not talking about Meditation”, the old man made it very clear right away.

“Undoubtedly, meditation is a way of turning divine but how it is – if this art itself invites you in.” added the old man. “There are some techniques through which we can easily prepare ourselves for mediation, or yoga, we naturally fall for it.”

“Is it possible?”, asked Leo, eager to know.

“Cultivate a barren piece of land into a lush patch of garden” the old man revealed the first step to divine.

“Gardening is one of those intense practices which slowly lead us to spirituality, takes us close to the vast manifestation of life itself. In an attempt to cultivate a garden, if we do it earnestly, it’s not only a garden which is cultivated, we cultivate spirituality via gardening. It enrich our relationship with the earth and make us realize our standing in this limitless cosmos. With no outside help, we get hold of a language with which we can converse with every living piece of life” accented the old beardo.

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