“I do not know” – it’s a tremendous possibility. Only if you see “I do not know”, the longing to know, seeking to know, and the possibility of knowing arises. Sadhguru

The set of physical senses with which every creature is equipped in this sphere of life, mainly functions to ensure a better survival except for a human being. For a human life, all these senses respond otherwise in so many different ways because a human strives not only for survival, he needs more, he needs everything in excess as long as he lives worldly.

In this unfathomable ocean of life, a human being is the only creature which is loaded with immense cerebral capabilities which distinguish him from every other pieces of life and allow thinking far beyond the survival.

But, how do we know that our senses including our mind are actually working for us, or it is us who are answering the way our physical & non-physical senses want.

This is a question which needs to be answered in an admissible way, in real context. Most of the time, the humanoid senses behave in such a way that they never let the carrier realize that the life has actually fallen into a trap where no one can feel something beyond mundane. They can trick us effortlessly if we don’t know how to use them, especially our mind which is the subtlest and the most intelligent faculty we have, which can give us an access to the whole universe if we know how to operate it. A conscious crash with the truth is inevitable once we know how to use our peerless faculties.

“What is the truth”, asked Leo whose idea about life until now began to crumble into pieces.

The old beardo shot him a look, and guffawed aloud right after.

“This is the nature of our mind, we need to understand, our mind keeps filling us with impractical longings especially to know about the things nobody knows”, replied old man. “Don’t let your brain play this game. Longing to explore something worthwhile is good but this unsophisticated bearing of mind to know everything at once without understanding the delicacies of the things around is just stupid”, emphasized the old man.

without any outside help, how far one can go to get in touch with this vast manifestation of nature is actually a real game. How much do we know about this cosmos and what is it we want to know, we really need to look at.

The old man grabbed a fruit in his hand and showed it to Leo.

“What do you think what it is?” asked old man.

“A mango”, answered Lea with an empty face, a kind of diffidence had filled him even when he knew that the question admitted of a simple answer.

At Leo’s response, the old man threw the most humiliating snigger which butchered whatever zilch amount of self-confidence Leo was left with.

“How do you know it is a mango?” “Who told you it’s a mango?”, the old man pestered him with his question.

“The whole world identify this fruit as mango, in every corner of the world, in every book we have on our shelves say – it is a mango” Leo stumbled over his words, gawking at the old man, utterly baffled.

“Who wrote all these books you are referring to?”, pinched the old man thereupon, to the level where anybody can lose his temper.

“Somebody wrote them”, replied Leo. “We wrote them”, sheer confusion is oozing all-over now.

“This is what I am asking – who told us that it was a mango?”, the old man stretched it further with a calm tone. He doesn’t want Leo to get it otherwise.

A look of bewilderment painted Leo’s face blank. A stroke of realization that we do not know a thing about anything let alone the whole limitless cosmos hit Leo hard.

Leo looked up in the east, as far as he could, like an innocent child. The darkness around shattered as the first shaft of rising sun appeared.

With this phenomenon of nature, a longing to know the truth brimmed over within Leo.

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