“If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking” Buddha

Nothing can give us a sense of satisfaction, if we look at it attentively. No mundane and materialistic pleasure on this planet can quench our ever-growing desires by any means, simply because – they are ever-growing and insatiable in nature. All the time, they keep on emerging, getting us round and determine – “How we should invest our time and energy, but to no avail indeed.”

And, the greatest failure is (if one counts it as a failure) – we cannot run over them despite being fully aware of the fact that we have become a poodle of our longings, cravings, impulses whatever exotic name one wants to give such psychological notions, we cannot get rid of them.

In the dead of night, all these hefty words began to echo in Leo’s mind aloud. A longing to know more about the whole game the old man was elaborating in a convincing way surfaced for curious Leo.

“Leo somehow managed to meander his way down at the bottom of the dell where he found shelter in a ramshackle but fascinating dwelling place of an old beardo. For that old head, it was not the first time; he has come across a solivagant who lost his way in the sprawling mountains.

They had their sumptuous supper, chattered, and shared whatever they had in the name of experience. In passing, the old man showed him his bed and went out of the house. Leo zoned out anon as he was feeling knackered.

At around 03:40 am, Leo woke up, and went out in the open as he found it difficult to sleep anymore. The lucelence outside was thoroughly ravishing. A shiver of pleasure ran down his spine when he looked up to the sky brushed with celestial gloss – such a miridical vista of nature at night, beggared all descriptions.

To his surprise, that old man was also sitting outside on a rock with one leg crossed, constantly staring in the dark void.”

“You don’t sleep”, Leo barged into his thoughts. In his experience that old man was sitting there for many hours.

“I can sleep with my open eyes”, replied the old man, pronto, and laughed.

“Is it possible?” asked Leo outright.

“It’s not impossible either. You just need to exclude whatever fancies you have from your mind for sometime, and you will be able to plunge into the state of slumber with eyes open, effortlessly”, replied the old man with sheer confidence which encouraged Leo to delve into the subject which they brought up out of the blue.

“Can you teach me how to put our mind on rest, how to remove all the longing we have”, this time the solemnity wrapped in Leo’s words drew the attention of the old man in real.

The old man looked at him, into his eyes. They shared an intense look with each other.

The old man elaborated a few things in a comprehensible way to edify Leo to some extent about the perpetual desires we human knit every time and how our yearnings manipulate us.

“Getting rid of all kind of fancies is an end game; it is the last step one has to embark, if someone has been pursuing a path to go beyond physicality.”

“Even when someone is adamant to grow into a spiritual being, he can not get rid of desires because becoming spiritual is also a kind of desire itself”, accented the old man, and tried to make Leo comprehend the beguiling nature of longings a person has.

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