“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Socrates

In spite of being alive to the fact that with every passing day, the already brittle framework of life with which we have been living on this planet in 21st century is growing real fragile which may collapse anytime without any premonition, many of us are just sitting dormant and watching  – “How the delicacies of a worthwhile life are being pulverized and erased in the name of technological advancement, modernization, and rest is taken care by probably religion”

Merely, a handful of people are earnestly trying to revive the ancient but impeccable methods – “How we human must invest our time & energy by keeping all our fancies in view without disturbing the intricacy of nature and other living forms.”

Right now, for majority of people, the entire cosmos has become human-centric which is not true at all. This idea of sitting on top of everything is nothing but insane and has destructive connotation. This abstract notion of degrading everything about life or other lives emerges when the surroundings with certain ideology disorientates someone of perceiving the outer world in real context.

The time has come to retrieve what we have lost in arrant Illusion. It is the time to furnish this life with substantial substances on ground not in the air.

Leo, a young tall handsome boy, born with naturally regal features, was reading this ponderous article published in a weekly magazine with no elaborated practical method about turning a life into something divine, sitting on a big round boulder off a misty dell in a highland, abounds with mountains and its allies all-over where the puffs of dulcet breeze may bring alive even the dead. He was sitting there with his trekking bag on his shoulder and was trying hard to mollify the restlessness caused by his silly gadgets which deceived him nowhere in the mountains. He had lost his way.

He was left with two options – either he should try again to find his way back or he may find shelter in a village which is located at the bottom of the dell.

He looked at the sun, it was glowing crimson and all-agog to plunge below the horizon. Leo takes a deep sigh and off to find his way to the village.

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