Following the serene twilight, tinged with brilliant red, the darkness began to ascend aggressively. Consequently, the redness of last rays of the SUN was forced to recede. The gloom of the night fought bitterly to get blended with the argent shine of celestial stones which were slowly coming into view. A euphoric scene popped up in no time as the night triumphed. The heavenly ceiling is now bespeckled with myriads of stars.

What an eyesome mixture!

At the outskirt of a big city, in a duplex, surrounded with lush green and peace, I was sitting in an armchair, laid in the rear balcony attached to my bedroom, with a low teak oval table in front of it. Below the balcony, there lay a beautiful rose garden which was manicured with great care. The walkway in the garden was paved in a perfect rectangular shape and the antique looking big fountain in the centre is an actual cynosure of whole arrangement. The fragrance of the garden is always fresh which soothes everything around.   

It had been hours, I was sitting there with unusual brightness in my eyes, totally mesmerized by the outer view. In that moment of sheer exuberance, I had forgotten to change my formal wear after getting back from work. Sitting in absolute silence, clad with Armani suit & tie; I poured another cup of coffee. 

The mildly cold breeze had started blowing and slowly it kept its pace. It was breaking into my bedroom and disrupting the calmness therein. Back to back flurries, blowing across the room, were turning the pages of the book in the bed, sometimes at such a dizzying speed with a soft sound as if the breeze is thumbing through the book and looking for something in it. 

The gentle touch of the pleasing wind on my face created a deep sense of joy. A cup of coffee in hand; I leaned on the backrest, slowly closed my eyes and softly swayed my neck in half circle. A smile erupted. 

I put the cup of coffee down on the table and reached the edge of the balcony. There I was, standing against the wooden railing. My eyes looked slightly upwards, looking for something in the void, I don’t know what it was, may be the farthest star in the galaxy. Whatever, I was enjoying every moment. A horde of shining pebbles was hanging from the limitless sky above with a full moon. The sky was so clear that I could see beyond the stars easily. Neon nebula, far in the galaxy, had brushed the space with every shade bright colors to a captivating view. I kept on gazing upon agape, wholly stunned.  

Suddenly, the wheezing sound of a slightly strong gust of wind in the nearby lump of trees caught my attention.  That one strong gust could be sensed easily as it was causing the perpendicular trees swing back and forth. After messing with the trees, the wind veered its direction, it took a sharp turn and hurled towards me with a wailing sound. I saw it coming; out of joy I spread my arms at 180, face slightly upwards, and I was more than ready to embrace it. The gust charged at me and got dispersed right away leaving an enormous amount of blissfulness behind. The wailing sound died off in an aftermath of that euphoric collision. 

“Why I cannot hold these ecstatic moments forever” “why they are just momentarily”, a pang of pain run down my body. I regretted when I saw a shooting star right affront in the wide dark yonder.

I closed my eyes again, standing still, hoping for a few more wonders. Then I felt that I was slowly getting into someone’s cuddles. Someone stroked me from behind. It was giving me shivers. Following, I found myself covered in someone’s arms.  I felt, someone had placed its head against me. An ear to ear smile slowly cracked on my face. 

Oh! She was my better half. 

From behind, I could feel the beats of her heart, it was beating gently. Her hands were on my chest one of them was covering my heart in a defense mode, like protecting it from something. I placed my hands on to hers out of love; she smiled and closed her eyes. We both went into a state of slumber together, without speaking a word. When we were in the state of sheer elation, we had forgotten everything around.

The best moment was yet to be happened to amplify the view. A chuckle caught the attention of both of us, still standing still in the same pose. Someone was slowly toddling towards us. We both displayed amused expression with a smile. 

Henry, our two and half year old son, was wobbling around, attempting to join us. He slowly, at a very shaky gait, reached the wooden railing and looked at us with winsome chuckles.

In the series of events, the new moon shone vigorously upon us as if it got commandment from the heavens to do so. Slowly, the little uproar in the air came to an end. The whatever little mightiness was in the wind, it got faded away. Everything around had come to a standstill all of the sudden. Tranquility had engulfed the surroundings in toto. 

Blowing with the moments, the shooting star which had, a few minutes ago, broken off the sky made me realized. 

It really works!

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