What is it which has potential to separate us from one another?

This fact cannot be shunned that the lives under human skin are more obsessed with biological differences in a big way than any other materialistic pleasure.   

Is it really fair – being critical and judgmental before coming to understanding someone or something? Even when we are well acquainted with someone or something, we are not supposed to pass any remark whether it is in good grace or bad unless it is inevitable.  

16 Mar 2016, after a tiredly long foggy period of winter, the warmth of a fine sunny day made my day. I was off duty and trying to make the best of it. All the daylong I stayed at home and spent time with family.  In the eve, I decided to go out for a coffee. It was around 06:00, I took my car and bowled down the route to the outskirt of the city, studded with natural elements & a numbers of brand coffee cafés. 

I take likes to this place, wide asphalted and empty road, overshadowed with stout trees, embellished with amazing arrangement of neon lighting. Everything is seriously worthwhile there. Altogether, they lighten the entire suburbia to a fascinating view. 

Here I was right in front of my favorite café, the sole road was buzzing with plenty of nocturnal haunters. 

Everyone was there with a company, I came to enjoy alone.

“How pathetic”, I pondered and frowned. 

I eased myself and brought down the sudden eruption of sad feelings with a deep breath, and quickly barged into the café, as I found my favorite corner vacant. I removed my jacket, and relaxed myself on the couch. The crew was well aware of my personal menu so they served me a regular one with my favorite delight. 

Steering my coffee with a straw, I was peeping out of the glass window and watching people cheering as if they all are on silent mode. I couldn’t hear them but feel the vibrant hustle. 

What can be more satisfying than witnessing such serene moments?

What a state of euphoria!

While enjoying every second being there, something abnormally interesting breaks into my daydream.

What should I have called the person; they are labeled with thousands of freaky slang. My brain started to darts through and in some way picked one word “QUEER”. My mind muttered it once and went blank. 

He was wearing a skinny jeans paired with over-sized round neck sweat shirt. The way he styled his auburn hair and accented his eyes with light cosmetic stuff was extremely fabulous. He looked quite intriguing. He was at the counter and talking to the server when I noticed all these silly things. 

Right after a moment, I again shoot that boy a clumsy look, this time our eyes matched and he caught me visibly uncomfortable. Following the event, He gave me a strange smile and went out of the café. 

I swallowed hardly and gave a nudge to my mind to assemble myself. 

Somehow I finished my coffee, gathered my jumble before leaving the café. I decided to stroll for a while under the flamboyant lighting and the so-clear sky. A few couples were also dallying off the road.  

While walking down, I came across that boy again. I found him totally engrossed with his mobile under a street light. He was like shimmering in the focus of light. He saw me, this time he again brought a faint blush on my face. 

I turned to go away. 

“This is how people made us feel different”, a smooth voice approached. 

I had to turn. He was looking at me with a perky smile. 

“Excuse me” I replied being in state of bafflement. 

He came to me and held his hand out to shake.

“I am Ryan” 

“What a meaningful name”, I tried to answer confidently and shook with him. However I found it tough to hold up the conversation. 

“There must be no reason to shy away from me, be clam”, the boy accentuated with seductive but poised voice.

“What made you think that I was trying to shy away”, I asked politely.

With a long sigh, he replied by deliberately avoiding my remark, “I know you”

“How”, I stammered. I was thoroughly surprised when he mentioned that he knew me.

“Once you asked so bluntly in college journal, why we are so different. I was your junior then, same college”, he reminded me.

It’s been years when I was undeniably crude to the outer world and he took me back there. That sudden epiphany was so mortifying to me and he noticed that. 

In order to pale the upshot of his statement, he poked verbally. “I have an honest answer now” he beamed.

I looked straight on his face, there was nothing but a plenty of unadulterated expressions. I found him full of uprightness. There was really nothing to hide. 

“Our bold and loud expression of feelings makes us different; we are something which is too intricate to be explained, too beautiful to be lauded”

I was gawking with zero expression

“The queer beauty”, he continued………

“Nice to meet you”, the boy mentioned at last and gracefully went away.

He smartly brought me to a standstill, and my soul begun to whip me harshly from inside – 

Yes, they are bold, they are unique, they are loud, expressive and from this point they become effortlessly beautiful to you.

My dear heart continues to scold…………… 

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