How to relish “JOY”

How to reach the zenith of life’s mound and get the life rolled in JOY?

“Somebody asked me once”. Sadly, the name of that buoyant lad escaped my mind who approached and made me pondered immensely to find an appropriate answer to his meaningful question. 

After spending a good part of my life in a remote metro land, finally, I decided to go back to my hometown and live whatever amount of time I was left with.

It was a conscious decision which solemnly made by me, nobody interfered with, and I set out. With every steps towards the destination, the reminiscences of my past begun to hover around. The sonorous sound of my childhood chuckles begun to echo out-loud in my mind. My eyes couldn’t believe it that nothing had changed, everything appeared so familiar even after an age-long time. 

The strange zing erupted from my memoir was rather expressive on my face.  

All of the sudden, the shuttle took a halt with a shriek annoying sound right off the main road to my town. I got off, took a deep sentimental breath & put my coat on. I decided to loiter on the way home, as the nostalgia made me to absorb every bit of those moments.  However, I could take hansom, but I didn’t. 

I looked around to feed every posture of overwhelming nature in my memoire. I stepped forward watching all around. I didn’t want to skip even a single scene, I wanted to absorb all of it.

On the way, eventually, the very first alternation came to my view was – “the mucky road to my town is now paved with stones and partially fringed with boscage and wild bushes of flowers from side to side”. Altogether, they were making a spectacular view akin to a perfectly manicured garden. That was a day of extremely pleasant weather; I could easily behold the colorful display of nature, sprawling far and near.

It just had rained here. When the rain is over the space got tinged crimson with lavish cloudlets. The pleasing petrichor emanating from country-land invigorated everything around.    

Then, a country-boy passed by me with brisk steps, wearing a rough grey chequer overcoat, smartly paired with matching trousers and leather shoes. He abruptly caught my attention as he turned to me and put me on a meaningful question hurriedly;

“How to reach the zenith of life……. JOY”

His face was beaming with happiness; there was no wrinkle of any woe, a young piece of life, full of life. His question had lots of beating and left me in state of deep thought. Before I could say something, the lad had gone, I saw him going away and away. But I didn’t know why his words couldn’t stop popping in my brain. 

I stopped and watched the boy going until he disappeared from my sight. His deep words cracked a winsome smile on my face, I looked all-round as far as my eyes could behold. It was at down, the sun was to hide behind the gigantic chain of remote massive mountains. It’s beams tinted the sky with a range of bright colours and brushed a celestial view, I had never ever seen before.

Following these beautiful jiffies, with a euphonious divine sound, the gentle wind encircled and instantly brought me an apt answer to …….What is JOY?

I looked frontwards with unusual shine in my eyes to the direction where the boy got vanished.

I smiled briefly

“JOY” I mumbled to the heavens and stretched my arm at 180, face up to the empyrean.          

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