An Unexpected Encounter

What should I call it – pleasant or should I use it’s antonym.  An event that happened unpredictably and I believe it can’t escape my remembrance till I breathe my last. 

The reminiscence of the memories I gathered a few years ago will remain alive forever in my heart. 

Whenever on earth, I recall that instance, every time I find myself overjoyed. If there is a sort of discomforting anxiety I am beset with, the scrapbook is the only relief where I framed my moments with AN UNEXPECTED GUEST.

I only need to thumb through the scrapbook and a satisfying smile cracks but unfortunately the elation wanes soon after and dies.

It was summer 2015, I was lingering up-down the stairs of my farmhouse, situated somewhere in between majestically sprawling hills of Montana, States of America. 

The stupendous property is owned by one of my close friends. I often borrow that place to invigorate my abstract ideas of writing. I had been there to bring my latest piece of writing to an end. But after a week of continual writing, my energy began to be drained. My mind had tripped into a dormant state; as a result, nothing fresh was approaching me. After a long battle with a stressful uproar inside, I gave in at last, shoved the manuscript in the nearest drawer in a huff and went out regardless what was the time.

In the time following, here I was, on the forsaken road outside the farmhouse, all alone. 

“Let’s fool around”, my heart approaches my torpid mind in the dead of night.

I looked around; it was an unbelievably bright night, dotted with myriad of stars. Being hypnotized by their celestial glow, showering straight from the remote vast galaxy without any interruption, I slowly stepped forward. Peering at the sky, I tried hard to capture the all-round view in one single frame of my eyes.

I sniggered at the dark, as it was worthlessly resisting the ambient luster of celestial stones. 

“This is what I missing”, I regretted. 

That night, I felt for the first time that I was in the lap of real nature, a green undulated land spreading far and near at a prodigious rate. The entire area is inhabited by numerous wild beings and a couple of spectacular private farmhouses. 

Despite the fact that the land was full of predators, I couldn’t get cold feet thanks to the absorbing blend of that radiant night and exquisite greens. Sky-kissing pines, lush clump, and virescent fern off the road were appearing like supplementary decorative features to the land. 

While admiring the surroundings, I couldn’t realize that I had gone long, and left the farmhouse far behind. 

My ennui was waning gradually with my every step. On the way I came across a rocky narrow course off the road, laid across the lofty trees. The flickering candent shine from the space was captivatingly illuminating that narrow passage.

In a moment of daze, I ran through the wadi at dizzying speed, as a kind of frenzy triggered me to commit that insanity.

Wafting through the mild zephyr, here I was at the dead end of that passage. It was a steep cliff that faces an unfathomable lush dell, unbelievable I mumbled softly, wheezing soundly through my nasal.

“Wow”, I burst out of exclamation, I couldn’t contain the sudden vigorous pour of momentary gusto, and I let it out loud. The echo filled the void with a deep shriek of joy.

I laughed with reckless abandon.

But it was just a beginning of unpredictable pleasure. While staring at the other side of the valley, all at once an abrupt jostle startled me with a loud sound “woof”.

I turned awkwardly to see, what the hell was happening on earth. 

“You scared the hell out of me”, I stumbled with faint voice and almost tripped over my feet.

She burst into laughter

“Who are you?” I caught my breath and tried to gather myself.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you”, she stammered and kept on giggling.

“I left my farmhouse late night out of boredom to accidentally witness the charm of nature and bumped into a beautiful girl somewhere in between this vast jungle” can you imagine?

It was foolish being out there but there is no dearth of nincompoops on this planet. 

As she step forwarded to look into the dell, I reckoned that she was kind of tipsy and finding it difficult to carry herself, as she staggered over her feet and swayed a little. 

I hurried to hold her. 

“Am good, am good” she assured, gazing upon the deep abyss.

This time, the exultation in her eyes got relented and I noticed rather serious expression on that pretty face. She was about 28, heavenly beautiful, clad with creamy top and black jeans. She was also wearing a plushy muffler paired with a knitted headscarf from which her long dark hair blowing with the gentle air as if they were struggling for freedom. 

“What are you doing here”, she turned to me and asked with a grim tone. Her eyes seemed little drenched.

I looked into her eyes only to discern a kind of soreness, I felt; there might be an interesting yarn that she was trying hard to hide. 

“I don’t know but I believe the same thing about this place brought us here” I replied

She gave an alluring smile, I smiled back.

“My name is Giana”, she held her hand out. 

I shook with her. 

“It was for the first time I happened to see someone here”, she expressed her wonder.

“I am so lucky, it means” I bragged a bit.

“Joking apart, I am staying in a farmhouse near about. I don’t know what I have been doing here but it’s really startling to find you.” I mentioned.

“Have you been here before late night” the girl asked.

“Nope” I replied

“Oh! There is a lot worth experiencing, I will show you”, the girl said in excitement.

The girl took my hand firmly as if she knew me since long and we set out on a wonderful jaunt. It was unbelievable to me to see how curious the girl was, there was no crease of fear, fear of strangers, and the dramatic change of expressions was rather baffling. 

As for me, I got along with zilch resistance and let her frolic around.

Down the narrow windy passage, the voice of fresh water pricked my ears up. I could feel a source of fresh water somewhere near about. 

“Awe” dumbfounded I was.

She brought me to a majestic edge of a mountain river; the magnificence of the moving water was beyond extent. The wide channel of shallow water bespeckled with small sleek boulders, each of them was gleaming under the shadow of the New Moon.

The girl sprawled her arms, I gaped in awe. 

“Gaze upon the heaven”, the girl shouted.

“How did you find this place”, I asked

“I belong to this high land, it’s my indulgence” She replied avidly. 

It was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t afford even to blink. I wanted to hold that view for eternity; open sky, gigantic mountain, the argent moon with iridescent stars, sapphire night, shallow water, and the lofty pines at distance, all-together “a spectacular amalgamation”.

She carried me away. I continued to gawk, and unable to utter even a single word.

I take my cell out to capture the ostentatious display of nature. She sprung, as she watched me clicking picture. She darted to me.

“Wait, wait…. Let’s have it together” she urged 

We captioned hundreds of flashes together. She held me close when she pouted to the cam, embraced and cuddled. In no time we got along and felt a rapport, a kind of affection had connected us to each other.

I always exert to elaborate those moments I had with Giana. 

I kept on photographing her every move.

The following moment, she unveiled me another wonder hide in the bottom of the valley. It was hard to believe my eyes when she accompanied me to a breathtaking shack like place. It was a café in wild. 

There was a sign that indicates “For Night Crawlers”

Unbelievable, the entire glade bordered with the sheer hedge of coniferous and beautifully dotted with wild shrubs. The vividly colorful and fluorescent mesh tugged high above the seating arrangement was the centre of attraction. It had been fixed from side to side with the beams of the trees; the mesh was giving entire open space a plush view, especially the tarn near the shack was glistening lavishly in the light.

It took me a while to accept the serenity as true. A few people were animating the cafe, they were all buzzing in the faint volume of vintage music.

Giana held my hand and ushered me to a table right close to the pond. We took a seat there; I looked around and then gave a curious look to Giana. She laughed out loud.

“Do you like this place”, she asked

“More than anything else”, I emphasized 

“Seriously”, she frowned 

“Not more than you”, I corrected in a teasing way

“Would you be my friend”, she held her hand out with an ear to ear smile

Before I could reach her hand, a sharp voice startled us “Giana”

It was a lady bearing stressful and puzzled expressions who shouted her name from far. Seeing the lady, Giana also went tight-lipped. Right after a moment, two more people reached there with the same reaction.

The lady rushed to Giana, tears rolled down the cheeks. Ginana was not saying anything; she was standing still and insensitive. A boy came forward and whispered something in Giana’s ear, he persuaded her to come with them. Without any resistant, Giana came into motion to go with them.

For a sec, I couldn’t make it out, what was happening there.

I approached the boy who whispered something to Giana, I asked him to relief the dilemma inside.   

“She is family”, the boy mentioned in a very serious tone

“But why you all look so care-laden”, I asked.

“She is not in her normal state. It’s been long; she has been suffering from a mental disease”, the boy answered and walked away with Giana.

His every word about her was extremely disturbing to me. I found it unendurably painful. My all senses went numb at once, as the entire series of experience with her started to run through my brain with a severe pain.  

From a thud sound of WOOF to a passionate proposal of FRIENDSHIP, a beautiful story that broke out  late night and died without seeing the light of the sun. 

Apart from her name, I couldn’t come to know anything about her. The disappointment slammed me hard.   

I was right from the very beginning when I noticed that she was trying hard to hide something. It was her pain perhaps sheathed with a more painful story. 

Whatever it was, she left me low and dejected.

A few hours with an unexpected guest will be discomposing me for good. 

“Tears rolled”

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